[518] No Place Called Home

Cradle me in my suffering⁣⁣
Breathlessness in my crying⁣⁣
Waves crash on my walls⁣⁣
Took a second to break it all⁣⁣
Before you turn into a stranger⁣⁣
say it one more time you do⁣⁣
Misty self image ⁣⁣
I’m starting to forget⁣⁣
Slivers of courage remains⁣⁣
I carry it in an open casket⁣⁣
The journey of remembrance ⁣⁣
is now one of survival holding on⁣⁣
The man I was has returned⁣⁣
The shapeless blur that hides itself⁣⁣
He floats in the world in between⁣⁣
No home to stay, he lives in dreams⁣⁣
She invades them often, no defences left⁣⁣
The cause of pain, self inflicted apocalypse

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