[465] How To Become Limitless

Neither here ⁣
nor here ⁣
I find myself in the ⁣
middle of my somewhere or⁣
to the left of your nowhere⁣
I colour the continuums ⁣
of all of our paradoxical extremes⁣
and sink into complexity ⁣
failing to understand ⁣
the many versions of me⁣

Time rusts and comes to a crawl⁣
when we age with the dust of our land⁣
Kind souls offer wisdom in the form⁣ of advice
⁣they would rather hear themselves⁣
Failures in our life hurt less ⁣
than the failures we end up ⁣
imagining in our head⁣

We’re all living in between ⁣
waking and dreaming⁣
in margins or under a spotlight⁣
in a sprint or a marathon⁣
all to traverse the distance⁣
between being limited to ⁣
become limitless

Art by Dan Cretu

40 thoughts on “[465] How To Become Limitless

  1. This is amazing, my friend! You had me at the title and the whole piece is stunning. Beautifully written, you’re so talented 🖤🤗


      1. Awwww it’s a pleasure and an honor!!! I’ll be commenting more then ☺️🤗🖤. Keep up the great work, I know you will!!


  2. Yes, that is a great way of putting it, Rahul, We all “… traverse the distance⁣
    between being limited to ⁣
    become limitless.” It’s quite a journey, isn’t it? It doesn’t always have to include imagined failures in our heads, though. Imagine the successes… go for it!!


  3. In the realm of ‘spirit’ we are limitless, or at best, we have the potential to be. But most time that realm is the one less explored, or the last one we arrive at. Doing too much outwardly when all that, we have to leave behind when our time on this earth comes to a close. And then what do we take to the spiritual world? hmm. Your lovely poem brought me here today. Thanks so much. Be well.


    1. So true. I have started exploring the inner journey more than the outwards journey and it fills me with more joy even if the journey is tumultuous. Hope you are well too!


  4. Very nice line – Failures in our life hurt less ⁣
    than the failures we end up ⁣
    imagining in our head⁣

    Reminds me of the thought – a person who thinks more than necessary suffers more than necessary. But it’s so true, these thoughts have a way of eating into the positive aspects of our lives


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