[478] My Underwater Memories

Habitable ruins of memory ⁣
catch me lying ⁣
about my propensity ⁣
to forget I’m lying⁣
Rusting body of doom⁣
and lively winds that delay it⁣
at the end of my bloom⁣
Nobody can save it⁣

Nobody can save it⁣
rivers that dry ⁣
devoid of emotions⁣
I am not a stoic ⁣
I view my mistakes when⁣
they are in motion⁣
No control over keeping secrets⁣
when I’m alone and breathing⁣

When I’m alone and breathing⁣
Underwater feels like my home⁣
when I am screaming⁣
to call the last speck of hope⁣
from the voice inside, it says⁣
‘You were never really here⁣
It’s all a distorted remembrance of youth’⁣
The cloud clears
as the sun shines⁣
on my head above water⁣
for my new bloom

Still from ‘The Shape of Water’

36 thoughts on “[478] My Underwater Memories

  1. Wow Rahul, I absolutely love this stunning piece. The flow is just so effortlessly graceful and filled with beautiful depth. That last stanza is especially perfect, what a divine ending! Incredibly well done, my friend 🖤🤗


  2. I love when you read something and you can feel the emotions of the writer. You nailed this piece. It’s beautiful.


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