[223] Featured In Blogs To Watch Out For In 2019 + Promote Your Blog

Hello guys, a break from regular scheduling of poetry and prose as I wanted to appreciate the love you guys showered on me in 2018. This love helped me gain a place in the top blogs to watch out for in 2019.

Not only this, 2018 as a whole was a lot better than 2017 in terms of personal growth. I set out a goal of posting around 150 posts but sadly I could only manage 109 posts. This year I’ll carry forward the goal but with a more realistic target of 120 posts.

In terms of growth, I had 11,356 unique visitors to my blog with more than 32,000 views on it. This has only been made possible because of the staunch supporters of the blog who regularly comment and engage with it and also share it with their friends. I couldn’t have done without you guys ❤

I’d like to list down my top 5 posts of 2018 and then you guys can leave a link in the comments to your blog and your favourite post of yours. I’ll surely check it out and try to be more engaging. Let’s make 2019 a year to remember for blogging.

Here I list my top 5 posts in 2018 as loved by you all –

1. [24] Shapeless Blur

(This is one post that was posted in 2017 and still managed to have the most amount of page views consistently.)

2. [118] Remnants Of Your Remembrance

3. [116] The Spiral of Ignorance

4. [120] The Glory of Silence

5. [207] Looking Again

Also, you guys are free to comment here your blog links or one post that you’d like everyone to read. Let’s make this a big blog party.

A short introduction to your blog for the unacquainted and a post to welcome your new readers would be helpful.

Thanks for being a part of the “smoke words every day” community.

Rahul Gaur

You can contact me on my Instagram – rahulgaur25

12 thoughts on “[223] Featured In Blogs To Watch Out For In 2019 + Promote Your Blog

  1. I’m pleased for the recognition you received by being on the “Top Blogs” list for 2019. Congratulations! 🎉I hope folks enjoy your wisdom, humor, encouragement, and writing style as much as I do. My blog is JanBeek.wordpress.com. A recent post on Long-term Friendships received more hits than usual. My by-line is “Loving Ine Another” – and I enjoy sharing ways in which I give and gratefully receive that love… ways you,too, can focus on the love around you instead of all the negativity.

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