[412] Why I Write

I write to forget about ⁣
what I’m thinking at the moment⁣
I write to remember ⁣
all my tendencies to forget ⁣
All of my habits are for my telic form⁣
where I avoid becoming a relic of the bygones⁣

They try to capture lightning ⁣
I try to assimilate stillness⁣
What is there to admit ⁣
that I have already not admitted⁣
My writings are the bouquet ⁣
of my flawed being that wishes
to become a reflection or a ⁣
source of empathy for you⁣

I write to feed my soul ⁣
for its survival is paramount⁣
and the intensity of my sensations⁣
lift it up till it all wanes ⁣
and the higher being falls ⁣
to the same old mistakes⁣
of sheltering emotions unsaid ⁣
of harbouring feelings untrue
till it all rises again when
I’m writing this for you

80 thoughts on “[412] Why I Write

  1. Ask questions to yourself, “ Why I write?” gives you direction to move forward. We should be clear about why we write.

    However, it is not easy. Most of the time when we write something, we realise “oh! This is what, I was thinking about ”.

    We write for ourselves, we write for the readers. Sometimes, our writing has a greater common meaning for us, the readers and the society.

    I enjoyed the poem. Now, I’m asking myself, “Why I write?”.

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  2. This is so beautiful: “My writings are the bouquet ⁣of my flawed being that wishes to become a reflection or a ⁣source of empathy for you⁣” … It’s sweet fragrance fills my nostrils and draws me back to your blog, Rahul. I am so pleased to see “it all rises again”… Have a thoughtful and thank-filled Thursday ❤


  3. This is really good and captures the essence of what drives most of us to play with words and write. I write anonymously as at times I feel words are more powerfully expressed when we don’t fear judgment


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