[517] Meeting Beyond Right & Wrong

I am anonymous to you⁣⁣
But we know in our white hearts⁣⁣
the unique way we look at things ⁣⁣
We meet on a common ground⁣⁣
in the afterglow of our celestial dreams⁣⁣
The world of reading between the lines⁣⁣
where we reside in between the words⁣⁣
Star crossed lovers with no end in sight⁣⁣
Here, Jupiter is in our palms ⁣⁣
Metamorphosis of our inner world⁣⁣
Ethereal looks, do we accept our destiny⁣⁣
of never meeting in the material world?⁣⁣
Only the wish for it remains⁣⁣
We touch and our whole beings glow ⁣⁣
We know the mountain we need to ride⁣⁣
Our story is the meeting of lands ⁣⁣
of the mountains that are formed⁣⁣
At the zenith of which I wait⁣⁣
waiting for you to rise ⁣⁣
Till then I close my eyes to all sunrise⁣⁣
and wait to sleep in your embrace⁣⁣
I wait till you are awake ⁣⁣
I wait till our ignorance is mesmerised

5 thoughts on “[517] Meeting Beyond Right & Wrong

    1. We are being taught to forget how to read. It is deliberate. Now just imagine the implications of such a thing? They are sending us back into the desert. It’s all deliberate. There intention is to wipe out coloured people. It’s deliberate.


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