[519] The Great Beyond

I hide from your secrets⁣⁣
I live in another plane⁣⁣
where we words are extinct⁣⁣
so we only listen to the music⁣⁣
that we emit from our bodies⁣⁣
The music of our impossibility⁣⁣
In another world you lay next to me⁣⁣
In another world we kill each other⁣⁣
until we’re born again, in another world⁣⁣
A million sunsets meeting ⁣⁣
at the edge of the universe⁣⁣
where everything merges into one⁣⁣
We merge into one⁣⁣
We see the in between⁣⁣
A flashpoint of all existence⁣⁣
I close my eyes to the visions ⁣⁣
of all that we are in all universes⁣⁣
and our fateful end ⁣⁣
where everything leads to ⁣⁣
an ever expansive bliss ⁣⁣
Dancing around each other⁣⁣
Playing around with time⁣⁣
Decimating any distance ⁣⁣
We are the biggest supernova ⁣⁣
that makes the quietest sound ⁣⁣
It communicates our inner landscapes⁣⁣
It travels outside time to make another world⁣⁣
Our own little afterworld

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