[189] Promote Your Blog

It’s September. The month of my birthday. Fall has begun but I’m reminded of my progress in blogging and how lovely it has been. The only consistency in my life.

Also, you guys are free to comment here your blog links or one post that you’d like everyone to read. Let’s make this a big blog party.

A short introduction to your blog for the unacquainted and a post to welcome your new readers would be helpful.

Back to story time

Inspired partly by Stephen King’s resolve to write 2000 words a day and partly by the allure of the night, I started the blog in January 2017. Slowly and steadily my consistency grew and with that my readership grew or as I like to call you guys, my smoke words every day community grew.

Then the blog changed meaning for me. I started to read other blogs more regularly and I watched so many blogs blossom in front of my eyes and so many of them faded into oblivion. The potential of these blogs lost to the self-afflicted excuse of having no time.

Today, I have 1848 followers and counting and to put myself under more pressure, I bought my domain. So now it reads as rahulgaurblog.com without the wordpress.com

This is the season of change. This is the transition phase from summer to winter. With the purchase of the domain, I hope to transform into a full-fledged writer with more consistency and better quality.

I would also like this opportunity to help you guys get discovered by my small community and have a conversation about blogging. I find the personal communication of WordPress to be lacking as there is no mode of personal messaging but only by comments.

So I leave my Instagram link here if anyone has any questions about blogging in general or you want to talk about life or just joke around with me. You’re most welcome. I want the conversation to be a two-way street. I want us to put personalities into our blogs beyond our work, so drop a DM.

I’ll start with my recent favourite : [182] Privilege


If you like my blog and what I stand for a small donation would help a lot.

Thanks for being a part of this community.

Rahul Gaur

105 thoughts on “[189] Promote Your Blog

  1. On my older blog, insightsfromtherooms.com I made a commitment to myself to blog every day for at least one year. I honored that commitment and ultimately wrote and published a book by the same name. I continue to post on that blog about once a week.
    On my recent blog, pastaonawall.com I am posting approximately once a week. That too may one day become a book.
    To me, you become a writer and when you write.


  2. hello. i am a writer and poet. recently started a new blog: dead poets society.basically, i talk about poetry,answer frequently asked questions and promote poems, both mine and other poets’. i would feel greatly honored if you checked it out. thanks in advance


  3. WOW! Your blog is exactly how I envision my future in blogging to be. Although I started blogging 4 years back, my posts were very inconsistent. This year, rather last week, I decided to wholeheartedly commit myself to my blog and challenged myself to write an article daily for 100 days. I really wish to improve my writing skills and connect to as many people as I can with my blog. I absolutely loved your blog and wish you all the best for your future (which already seems sparkling bright!)

    My recent post :-

    Thanks! 🙂


  4. Thanks for liking my recent post, brought me here to visit you as well. I see others make commitments to write while I enjoy the challenges and word prompts here on WordPress. It keeps my mind sharp and at the age of 80 I need that! LoL!


  5. This is a really good idea and I’m glad you’re hosting this “blogger party” here for everyone to get acquainted!
    Since people are promoting their work here, they’d probably enjoy this “Share Your Own Work” page I made on my blog too.
    Just thought I’d offer everyone a second outlet to promote their work. Cheers.


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