[523] Count Me Out

When the lights go out⁣⁣
I’m left with a lack in me⁣⁣
like damage dwells in my knee⁣⁣
Is it pain or upward spinal ecstasy?⁣⁣
Playing catch up to my thoughts⁣⁣
An utter abandon of pride⁣⁣
Shudder and stutter in speech⁣⁣
All the ravens waiting for me⁣⁣
In the painting of my life⁣⁣
lies a dark centre amidst delight⁣⁣
Melancholic bitter sweet flight⁣⁣
A confident self so shy and sullen⁣⁣
Disconnected identity ⁣⁣
when all there’s left is me⁣⁣
when all I am is revealed⁣⁣
All the praise i cannot believe⁣⁣
until i find the strength ⁣⁣
to let it come from me⁣⁣
Until then i give in to⁣⁣
Mystical Psychosis dreams

13 thoughts on “[523] Count Me Out

  1. “Upward spinal ecstasy” – that is just genius, my friend. I love the authenticity and paradoxes in this piece, it truly is such a gift to read you again. Your words touch the soul in a special way…and that last stanza encompasses this piece perfectly 🤍🤍

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