[524] The Call of the Wild

The truth, the night, the vastness⁣⁣
The endless sky and the endless⁣⁣
flights of fancy and feelings⁣⁣
The intuitive heart and its⁣⁣
tiptoeing to stay alive⁣⁣
The silence and its end⁣⁣
The sounds that illuminate light⁣⁣
Nature dies in our minds⁣⁣
as we disconnect from the world⁣⁣
The trees and the rivers fade away⁣⁣
and we lose touch with the earth⁣⁣
Risen to the surface⁣⁣
the depth whimpers its last cry⁣⁣
How do I think of another world⁣⁣
when the one I hold hides in the fog?⁣⁣
Where do we go when⁣⁣
there’s no sense of home⁣⁣
We wander through unexplored terrain⁣⁣
and the livid sun only shines light⁣⁣
on the ocean-sized hole in our hearts⁣⁣
The fiery waves defy gravity⁣⁣
and the images turn senseless⁣⁣
The truth pushes away its luminosity⁣⁣
The night engulfs us inside⁣⁣
The vastness is never in our grasp⁣⁣
We yearn for something beyond⁣⁣
this present understanding⁣⁣
To reconnect with the natural world⁣⁣
and through that to find ⁣
a sense of connection with the one⁣⁣
The wind through the fingers, ⁣⁣
the force of a river on our bones⁣⁣
the heat of the sun on our skin, ⁣⁣
the sand between our toes⁣⁣
The yearning and the explosion⁣⁣
of the internal world, the otherside

7 thoughts on “[524] The Call of the Wild

  1. Rahul, this is so deeply touching. Those final two stanzas are truly glorious. The way you describe such visceral and powerful feelings in such a true and heartfelt way makes the reader feel comforted. Ahh it’s so good to have you back, my friend. Your writing is next level 🤍🤗

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