[491] Never Look Away

Tuned in to find beauty⁣⁣
in all the discarded lines⁣⁣
in all the perceived ugliness⁣⁣
All because she taught me that⁣⁣
‘Everything that is true is beautiful’⁣⁣
Manic fluency finds its expression⁣⁣
in the apparent rigidity of my words⁣⁣
Free-flowing exuberance gets lost⁣⁣
in the carefully chosen words⁣⁣
The movement of her unapologetic self⁣⁣
demonstrates all I seem to lack ⁣⁣
’Never look away’ she said⁣⁣
and I pass it on as hearsay ⁣⁣
forgetting the vital lesson ⁣⁣
of imbibing every synonym⁣⁣
of the thing very thing they call ugly ⁣⁣
I break the structure to look ⁣⁣
I break the circle to look⁣⁣
outside time⁣⁣
I find her there no longer waiting but⁣⁣
satisfied in her own world⁣⁣
So I find my self for the first time but⁣⁣
holding answers to questions unformed⁣⁣
The long walks become riddled with ⁣⁣
all the unknown till it becomes known⁣⁣
and the long walk becomes an infinite⁣⁣
long day’s journey into the beauty or⁣⁣
the ugliness of my now meaningful ⁣⁣
descent into an infinite night


Painting by Egon Schiele

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