[490] A Talk with The Unconscious

Voices in my head⁣
work behind the scenes⁣
Connectional severity⁣
A life stretched on synapses⁣
I think to just forget⁣
a vial of ecstasy⁣
Alive only in dreams⁣
As my light keeps flickering⁣

Follow all the fire⁣
to the scene of the crime⁣
Sequences on a movie screen⁣
plays behind the sheath⁣
The origin always evades⁣
The end is always seductive⁣
A fall hides in the blinking⁣
The foreshadowing is reductive⁣

We only battle in a safe place⁣
The margins of forgetful poetry

Painting by Hermann David Salomon Corrodi

8 thoughts on “[490] A Talk with The Unconscious

  1. “Alive only in dreams⁣
    As my light keeps flickering⁣” – I love this part! The whole piece is amazing. You always beautifully illuminate paradoxes in such a masterful way. Thank you for another gem 🙏🏻🤗🖤


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