[181] Mass Hysteria of Truth

The loneliest thing in the world is to search for the truth in everything and anything. Ask any conscious artist the question, “what is good art?”, and most of them will answer “it’s the pursuit of truth”. No one will ever say “it’s when you get to the truth” because no one ever gets to the truth. All they do is get closer to it. The closer they get to the truth, the more they realise how it will evade them all their life.

All we can do is explore this universe of truth. We will never know the real size of it. These questions irk the ones that have time for it. They have nothing to worry about like finding food for the day or trying to get a good night’s sleep under a roof. Looking for the truth is for the privileged, that’s why those who aren’t privileged go to the ones that seem to have figured out rather than figuring it out themselves.

Spirituality seems to provide answers to this omnipresent question of the truth. Religion directs you to the truth. Ideologies sway you the path of the supposed truth and the non-believers seem to invent their own truth.

But does anyone ever reach there?

The worst truth is the one we make ourselves believe in. One person claims to know it all. He is made to feel special. The other people start to feel lonely now. So they start believing in the lie that the other person claimed to know. Person by person it spreads like an epidemic. The mass hysteria of knowing it all. Then it never ends. Rebels of these, now sacred truths, are banned from society. Hate spreads when this lie is questioned, but what happens when everyone starts to believe in it. Is it the truth now?

14 thoughts on “[181] Mass Hysteria of Truth

  1. Loved this piece.Truth is an illusion and we will always be mesmerized by it.As you pointed out profoundly in your post ,we are always intrigued by it’s existence but nobody has ever attainted it. A very thoughtful piece.

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  2. This is really a perfect postwhich is written perfectly.
    That title was attractively attractive
    & you are an awésome blogger, keep it up 

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  3. Truth is elusive. I believe we are never content with what we know and imagine, seek, fight to chance upon something that we think is the truth. And the cycle repeats.

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