[538] The Clash of Lifetimes

An incarnation on the battlefield⁣
of an eternal cosmic clash⁣
Anima wrestles animus for life⁣
The alter ego sits on top ⁣
watching the spectacle unfold⁣

Care defeats strength⁣
Beauty prevails over truth⁣
Perseverance annihilates stagnant repose⁣
Inner peace conquers them all⁣
The eternal contest within us unfolds⁣

It all harkens back to the source⁣
Multiplying through Infinity’s door⁣
The purpose is to be one again⁣
The wrath of Kali gives and it takes⁣
The wrath of Shiva creates and it destroys⁣

Seeking unity, a fragmented whole⁣
as it observes a sight to behold⁣
Waves crash in perfect synchronicity⁣
The cityscape backdrop imperfectly traced⁣
The stars dim as their brilliance astray⁣
The night swallows nature’s sound inside⁣
The void seduces every fleeting second of our lives⁣
In perfect synchronicity the birds take flight⁣
True realisation lies in the acceptance of one’s nature⁣

To seek our soul before it hides in this lifetime⁣
To feel our feelings before intellect buries them⁣
To seize the life force before light fades inside⁣
To embrace the sunrise before the shadow takes over⁣
Know your shadow before you know no truth⁣
Live your truth before it is all too late ⁣
(at least for this lifetime)

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