[535] Until We Meet Again

To meet her once is to meet her for all eternity⁣
Her auburn hair a flame, ablaze in ferocity⁣
Comfortable in silence, comfortable in self⁣
There is a lust for an experience that is beyond self⁣
A hereditary habit of reading news⁣

To meet her again is a chance to be reborn⁣
She has never had a crush (at least that’s what I heard)⁣
Confused about the future but ⁣
knows what her mind wants⁣
a prayer walking in high heels⁣

Not meeting her is to know her deeply⁣
Seemingly simple, ⁣
to guard herself against feeling deeply⁣
Suppression of emotions in the blinding lights of a club⁣
Always lost in yesterday yet always fully present⁣

To long for her is a slow suicide⁣
She actively avoids her hereditary fate ⁣
That looms like a large cloud waiting to ⁣
crush her so she is reborn again⁣
She is the collective consciousness⁣
awaiting her nirvana, so you wait for yours

NaPoWriMo Day 7: Last, but not least, here’s our daily prompt (optional, as always). Start by reading James Tate’s poem “The List of Famous Hats.”  Now, write a poem that plays with the idea of a list. Tate’s poem is a list that isn’t – he never gets beyond the first entry. You could try to write a such a non-list, but a couple of other ideas would be to create a list of ingredients, or a list of entries in an index. A self-portrait (or a portrait of someone close to you) in the form of a such a list could be very funny. Another way into this prompt might be a list of instructions.

This is one poem I wouldn’t like to explain much but I feel this is a list of observations about a personification of a larger metaphysical concept I haven’t wrapped my head around. Until we meet again.

One thought on “[535] Until We Meet Again

  1. Wow Rahul, this is just breathtaking. I really really love this one and your footnote at the end. The way you play with words here is just masterful, and the way every stanza stands out yet blends together is brilliantly done. The feeling of strength in the unknown comes across beautifully 🤍🤗


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