[534] Light Years Away

All that I think, forgotten⁣
all that I observe, forgotten⁣

Cry for help, joyous smile ⁣
Lost to time, forgotten in time⁣

Forgotten! Are we all that we remember⁣
or does the forgotten find a secret hideout⁣

And the lost history before love was invented⁣
when will it resurface in our feelings⁣

And the revolutions that couldn’t be⁣
before the ones that set us free⁣

The last words of the lonely dead ⁣
in a language forgotten, remains unsaid⁣

Small epiphanies (about self), or the lucky encounters⁣
destroyed by a stray bullet in senseless wars⁣

Our loss magnified by immortal time⁣
Is it not magic sometimes, forgetting?⁣

The memory of civilisations can ⁣
become a burden to carry⁣

Our love magnified by immortal time⁣
Is it not divine sometimes, forgetting?

NaPoWriMo Day 6: Today’s (optional) prompt is again drawn from our archives, and builds off our daily resource. Take a look around Poetry International for a poem in a language you don’t know. For example, I grabbed this one in Finnish by Olli Heikkonen. Now, read the poem to yourself, thinking about the sound and shape of the words, and the degree to which they remind you of words in your own language. Use those correspondences as the basis for a new poem.

A day late but I hope to not let the guilt take over so here is a tragedy and an ode to forgetting. I used the German Poem “I Say Everything Twice” to use its rhythm to write about something completely different.

3 thoughts on “[534] Light Years Away

  1. No guilt needed, this piece is magical!!!! I love the unique format and strength behind your words. This is so beautifully done, Rahul. Especially the ending, it truly stays with the reader. I love how you play with forgetting in your own way. Amazingly done, my friend. Love it 🤍🤗

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