[530] Broken Pieces of Our Past Lives

An aftertaste of when the mind’s apocalypse ends, bliss
Red lipstick on my soul
A feeling that lingers in the infinite past
The warmth of a past lover
The apathy to accept that it will not return
This is the sound of the universe
a portal to another world where I bloom in the discarded

NaPoWriMo Day 2: Today’s prompt asks you to begin by picking 5-10 words from the following list. Next, write out a question for each word that you’ve selected (e.g., what is seaweed?)

Words that I chose for each sentence: river, miracle, elusive, ghost, longing, song, gutter

13 thoughts on “[530] Broken Pieces of Our Past Lives

  1. Ah Rahul, this is absolutely divine. Your soothing words have a way of touching the soul. I love the lipstick line and the ending is just fabulous. The way that title blends with your words adds such deep meaning. Well done 🤍🤗

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