[526] For The Last Time

my tiny
carry me
to the distant past
carry me
to the near future
but never fully present

you are
invisible to me
different lives
divergent universe
why does it still feel
you know me better

my tiny
carry me
to you

my growth
in the night
where is your sunlight?
faith in synchronicity
fate seems destined
to make me forget
to make me forgetful

my tiny
scribbles out
parts of you

4 thoughts on “[526] For The Last Time

  1. Wow Rahul, I’ve read this piece over and over again. It is absolutely divine in a multitude of ways. I can feel that connection to source in your words (the one you and I similarly find 😊)…as if your words jump off the page and into the heart. Your tiny impulses are very much alive here. Thank you for this one, my friend…it truly made my inner/unspoken thoughts feel listened to 😊🤍

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