[521] Our Tale Out Of Time

Malignant thoughts ⁣
overstay their welcome⁣
The lure of passion⁣
and the forgetfulness⁣
of the aftertaste it leaves⁣
The ruins of my resolve⁣
weaker by the second ⁣

To resist all temptations ⁣
where the mind is forgotten⁣
To bring awareness to my breath⁣
where the self is forgotten⁣
I centre my attention ⁣
to the conscious till⁣
there is no awareness ⁣
of my external surroundings ⁣

Only an inner world remains⁣
as expansive as the universe⁣
where I feel the earth shying away⁣
from the sun to bring in the darkness⁣
where I feel the minutiae of our existence⁣
and the magnitude of the oceans decrease⁣
except the one inside me as I feel for a moment⁣
That i really am the source, i really am stardust

5 thoughts on “[521] Our Tale Out Of Time

  1. OMG! I can’t even fully express just how much I love this piece, Rahul. Truly, you continue to amaze/touch me with your beautifully wise words. The “forgotten” lines were so striking, and “That i really am the source, i really am stardust”!!! What a masterful and meaningful ending. So grateful to read you, dear friend 🤍🤍🤍


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