[520] Enigmatic Presence

⁣Running out of words⁣
in a velveteen quicksand⁣
Engulfed in the eternal⁣
I listen to my oceanic orchestra⁣
My inner world jostles ⁣
and i turn the other way⁣
until i’m facing away⁣
from my eventual fate⁣

Everything and nothing⁣
all at once, twice and all times⁣
I move feelings⁣
I force sadness⁣
I grab the fleeting⁣
I am an enigma ⁣
stuck in my own ways⁣
locked out of my own soul⁣

Freer than i can ever be⁣
I am imprisoned to face⁣
the death of my thoughts⁣
Faded, jaded and the light⁣
that dims and fails to stay⁣
I flicker in the glass bead game⁣
Scratching my shedded skin⁣
I reveal⁣
nothing at all, no one at all⁣
everything i ever was

Art by James Fenner

8 thoughts on “[520] Enigmatic Presence

      1. Miss you and your beautiful work, dear friend!! It’s been too long 🤗🤍. Hope you’re doing well and your 2023 is off to a brilliant start! Thinking of you, Rahul 🤗🤗


  1. The poem is deep and thoughtful, although I’m not able to comprehend it fully. However, my vocabulary is surely increasing by read more of your poems! Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to fully comprehend your poems. Besides, the cover picture used is so attractive to and fits the poem well. Kudos!

    Liked by 2 people

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