[516] Meet Me Again

To find function⁣⁣
I silenced the voices in my head⁣⁣
Now every poem is inaudible⁣⁣
every love a compromise⁣⁣
How long can you go on⁣⁣
chasing a past that never was⁣⁣
Chances that slipped through the cracks⁣⁣
Memories are all we’re left with⁣⁣
Nowhere can we meet ⁣⁣
except at the funeral of my muse⁣⁣
Just to hear one last truth⁣⁣
A hope that some things defeat death⁣⁣
Tangled mind heaving sighs⁣⁣
Imagined endings all pass me by⁣⁣
I’ve passed me by I’m intertwined⁣⁣
I’ve lived so much, can I still try?⁣⁣
Whenever it storms all I wish is⁣⁣
for the lightning to strike me ⁣⁣
And I wake from this other world⁣⁣
where no one visits⁣⁣
I carry visions and I carry joys⁣⁣
but they lose their meaning in between⁣⁣
They are lost so I am ⁣⁣
They are found so I am⁣⁣
Till then I wait and only hope ⁣⁣
that life doesn’t pass me by

art by voidofdoom

5 thoughts on “[516] Meet Me Again

  1. Life passes for us all … but it doesn’t just pass by, it leaves its calling card: arthritis, graying hair, softened muscle tone, slower pace… yup… time leaves its marks: greater wisdom, heightened appreciation, neighbors who step up to help, grandchildren who love & care … I’ll take the good with the bad! Time is a gift!

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