[513] The Blind Kingdom of Dreams

Signs of her auburn hair ⁣
Her lips only touch despair⁣
Slight bravado in her touch⁣
Every deed she does is fair⁣

Kindness leaves her soul⁣
when she sees with her gawking eyes⁣
Lives, sunrise, wars and doom⁣
how could it coexist⁣

She never blinked to sleep⁣
concentration fallacy⁣
Insomniac in the flesh⁣
The night spoke in tears⁣

One day she awoke ⁣
from the furore of the dark⁣
Peace befalls in her stride⁣
She walks with her head held high⁣

Her eyes reflected things⁣
The collective conscious dream⁣
all coincidences become synchronicities ⁣
She realises the pleasures of the pain⁣

Crown jewel on her head ⁣
bleeds her illusory visions ⁣
She keeps it on her feet⁣
Awakens, the kingdom of her immortality

Art by Tim White

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