[509] Solving The Puzzle

Puzzles of a story⁣⁣
churning in my soul⁣⁣
The medium stays running⁣⁣
Where do I find the source?⁣⁣
Painful to live in the past⁣⁣
So the future is where I reside⁣⁣
The makings of a story⁣⁣
rustier every night⁣⁣
Sunbeams on my eyes⁣⁣
I wake up to tonight⁣⁣
A blank slate of calm for a while⁣⁣
Then the while simply dies⁣⁣
Troubles of the heart ⁣⁣
take time to come to the mind⁣⁣
But the body takes the toll⁣⁣
There’s only so much you can ignore⁣⁣
There’s a story in my mind⁣⁣
about all the fearful times⁣⁣
‘Fear nothing’, someone says⁣⁣
I always see past their lie⁣⁣
I see through their life⁣⁣
their story full of sighs⁣⁣
quite similar to mine⁣⁣
a story that hides⁣⁣
Eyes different than mine⁣⁣
see the story of my fire⁣⁣
Comfort and good energies⁣⁣
a cup of coffee in our stride⁣⁣
A walk through the fabric of time⁣⁣
She sees what’s inside ⁣⁣
There i lay hiding⁣⁣
There i lay fearful⁣⁣
There i see a hand⁣⁣
to take me out from inside⁣⁣
I hold the hand to be born again⁣⁣
The hand simply lies⁣⁣
I tumble back in my mind⁣⁣
But a hope reignites⁣⁣
I help myself to be outside⁣⁣
I help myself to be outside I⁣⁣
I help myself and I die⁣⁣
Help myself, I’m alive

3 thoughts on “[509] Solving The Puzzle

  1. Dear Rahul Gaur,

    Thank you for composing such a thoughtful post. I shall share some of the burden of your solving the puzzle as follows:

    Happy June to you and your family soon!

    Take care and prosper!

    Yours sincerely,


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