[508] Puzzles of the Mind

An eternity without words ⁣
or lives without eternity⁣
sentences without meaning⁣
no centre within or without⁣
In shadows, haunting of the past⁣
In light, shimmering of the future⁣
I find myself in extremes⁣
of inability to understand ⁣
or being able to understand it all⁣

People move on but I stay⁣
Times change but I am the same⁣
The expression has quietened ⁣
The words have dried up ⁣
The experiences pile up⁣
But the running to or from remains⁣

Lost touch of beauty that overwhelms⁣
lost touch with emotions that underwhelms⁣
all that I do is delay decay by providing ⁣
energy to the dark matter of the brain ⁣
All that I do is delay death by holding on⁣
to hope that the end goes on like time’s arrow but⁣
an acceptance dawns that it circles like the wheel of time⁣

Art by Stanislaw Fernandes

I think I’m back. Words had left me and due to that, I had left having a word with my subconscious to really know what I was going through. I think I’m back. I think.

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