[506] The Eternal Question(s)

I lived in a vacuum without words⁣
a life without soul, a spiritual torture of sorts⁣
An imaginary world without imagination⁣
A physical whirlwind of confirming and conforming⁣

It was an exile from my inner world⁣
a detour to enhance the drive ⁣
but I found nothing of value ⁣
just a waning death dying ⁣

This time the dark didn’t have control⁣
neither did I had any over the dark⁣
We danced amidst the ether⁣
to the music of our incapabilities to know⁣

Now that I have arrived again⁣
with no direction home ⁣
somewhere, anywhere and nowhere at all⁣
I ask the same questions that I left to answers⁣

Who (am I), why (am I) and what (am I)

7 thoughts on “[506] The Eternal Question(s)

  1. the most important questions a seeker can ask, you persistently ask. answers will come in the time of ripeness, with no effort from you. persist. it is good. ❤️🙏🏼❤️


  2. Your exile from your inner world is the main cause of your trouble . It is a sort of weakness we all suffering from . Changing socio-economic environment and technological innovation are , I think , two factors responsible for this psychological feeling among us . Your poetry is a soul-searching effort in this field . Turbulent minds until and unless concentrate , no overall changes in our mental set up is possible . We have to bring back our inner self into ourselves . Otherwise we will move like a hollow men in this beautiful world . We have to search beauty in our own soul . Otherwise your poetry will prevail . Thanks!


  3. Beautiful poem which expresses what we all feel at some point in our lives . I want to leave you with this thought of the great french writer and philosopher of the 17th century Blaise Pascal . I will quote in French ” ce qu’il y a de terrible avec la vérité c’est que quand on La cherche in la trouve ! ”

    As you search for answers about your identity and the meaning may you embrace it when it is revealed to you


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