[486] Eyes Desire – My Latest Short Film

Hey fellow WordPress bloggers,

I’ve been here for around 4 years and found the best of people here. You guys have helped me gain self-confidence through your comments and feedback on my writing. Having this community has been the highlight of my life.

As you all might have known that my short film was coming in July. I released it yesterday and wanted to share it with you all. The short film was shot in the last year of my college i.e. 2018 and I finally faced my fear of my imperfections and decided to put it out now. I would highly appreciate your comments and feedback on that as well.

Synopsis: Nayan Tarse (Eyes Desire) tells the story of the day of Amar’s birthday. His girlfriend, Saira goes to great lengths to make it his best birthday but nothing goes as planned. A melancholic Amar ignores all her efforts as the memory of his ex, Lea, haunts his present. She appears to him in a form of a hallucination and nudges him to destroy all that Saira tries to save.

This tale of unrequited love questions the extremes we go to hold on to our love and how toxic it all can get. While Amar is on a self-destructive path of alcohol and drug abuse, Saira asks herself can she save a love that she always knew was doomed?

Link: https://youtu.be/Po4zu-yjKjo

14 thoughts on “[486] Eyes Desire – My Latest Short Film

  1. Congratulations, my dear friend!!!! What an awesome accomplishment, so proud of you! I’m excited to watch…knowing you, I’m sure it’ll be amazing 🖤🖤


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