[401] Whispers of The Universe

I live my days in a whisper ⁣⁣
Neither overbearing ⁣⁣
nor painful ⁣⁣
After a while⁣⁣
the status quo nothingness⁣⁣
nags on my mind ⁣⁣
Sensual pleasures seduce ⁣⁣
to thwart all my progress ⁣⁣
I made without them ⁣⁣
but I give in ⁣⁣
The familiar guilt and the⁣⁣
progress becomes unfamiliar⁣⁣
In the process of thinking ⁣⁣
I forget to contemplate ⁣⁣
I remember all the things I couldn’t do ⁣⁣
to disremember parts of me ⁣⁣
I couldn’t face ⁣⁣
I feel nothing and just then it strikes me⁣⁣
I am everything ⁣⁣
as a door of white light opens ⁣⁣
Awakened at last ⁣⁣
I see the colours in the white ⁣⁣
My focus switches from the red⁣⁣
to the source of its hue ⁣⁣
The river becomes clearer ⁣⁣
The sky moves slower ⁣⁣
I witness the spectacle ⁣⁣
I thought I had lost all hope for⁣⁣
as it erases the I in me

The rise of the absolute

14 thoughts on “[401] Whispers of The Universe

  1. Rahul, I think this is one of your best poems. It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem; but I have a new one up on my website. The poem is called “Planet in Red”. I’d like to know what you think of it.


  2. This absolutely describes the awakening most people encounter after a period of hardship where they feel lost and depressed. I had a similar experience. Trust in the universe within you for guidance and support for it will not disappoint.


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