[357] Answers That Linger

The light explodes into the room⁣
burning up your skin⁣
revealing how i see you in my mind⁣
Have you ever drowned in the air ⁣
because the heaviness of the moment⁣
is sometimes too much to bear?⁣
When answers become more important⁣
than the questions we dared ask each other⁣
When our thoughts need expressions⁣
beyond the abstract to create disorder⁣
to create the new order⁣

The light dies out as if ⁣
you consumed it all ⁣
Your radiant red skin ⁣
a contradiction of what ⁣
you actually feel⁣
You speak in broken⁣
blue sentences but⁣
you think in floods that devoured villages⁣
and earthquakes that formed mountains⁣
My simple answer swirls inside your mind⁣
as the night falls and the night calls⁣
the anxiety that you fought so well⁣
that might return because I simply said 𝘯𝘰

15 thoughts on “[357] Answers That Linger

    1. Yes but in a sense that when you dread something you usually don’t want to speak much. So you speak in few words because you know the answer already. So instead of fully formed sentences you speak in broken blue sentences.


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