[339] Lost Truth

In the evening I see shapes of people attempting to get fit from my window. I see in them familiar shapes and faces, enough for me to feel the urge to go outside and meet them. My eyes focus on one such familiar-looking individual.⁣

He drags himself slowly with his head down, unaware of the beautiful surroundings. Everyone else strolls past him. He reminds me of a friend I lost to an evening. I want to scream down to tell him to just turn back once. That it’s not all over as I’m reminded of that day.⁣

Unable to go because of the pouring rain and out of topics to do small talk, it was something about the moment and the awkward silence that made him utter a truth for the first time. He said he doesn’t like who he is for most of the time.⁣

A persona takes over him whenever he meets someone. He knows the right things to say to give the impression of listening, he knows the right things to read to keep up a conversation, he expresses the right amount of rage for people to empathize with him. He doesn’t feel like that it’s getting him anywhere closer to his purpose here. ⁣

I take it in, self-conscious of the fact that I feel the same. If I say I understand, am I repeating what he wants to hear or is it what I really want to say? I say nothing. He smiles and jokes it off by saying ‘the people who think like this, am I right?’⁣

I didn’t give him the nod he seemed to have wanted. He looks away to check if the rain had ended when he could have just heard it. I say ‘does he feel that he is living a lie?’ He doesn’t turn towards me, neither does he respond. The silence mixed with the rain nods for him I suppose. I repeat my question. He just says ’stop’. I don’t know if he was saying that to me or to the rain. ⁣

He walked out in the middle of the road, letting his truth hidden in the rain. He attempts to finish the truth he has never completed as I recognise an expression on his face that I never saw him wear before. But the rain stops. So does he. He turns around and drags his weight to somewhere with his face down unaware of his surroundings. Unaware of the beauty of a half rainbow in the sky that he could have completed if he had just finished that time.

7 thoughts on “[339] Lost Truth

  1. Your story poem is quite touching, Rahul. Many walk head down, “Unaware of the beauty of a half rainbow in the sky” That they could complete if they just lift their eyes to the heavens. May you have a blessed day – and keep finding the “Lost Truth!” 👍🏽🥰


  2. It makes me question why don’t you make the first move if you believe that the reward is worthy enough? I enjoyed losing myself in the colors of your beautiful rainbow. Go, and find your pot of gold!


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