[299] Birth & Death

All i am is an inspiration
inspired by the jotting down
of the memory of another being
who lived someone else’s ideas
Ideas that came by wonder
or as wrongly presumed
by divine intervention

I’m far removed from reality
For reality is wonderment
Reality is dismantling the
narrative in my head
that is shaping my story
A story which flows in
broken sentences
breaking lives
mending wounds
or rather hiding cries

I don’t let my thoughts breathe
I guess you don’t let yours too
I hold them inside me to
understand them enough and
get it out to you
So I can confirm that i am
So you can confirm that you are
I live in between spaces
I die in liminal light
I resurrect in my boredom
To start the circle of the
cyclical nature of finding myself
to only arrive at the beginning of dying

9 thoughts on “[299] Birth & Death

      1. Yes, i’ve lived 4/5 of a life! I am looking forward to what this last 1/5 brings. I think when this crisis is over, these next couple of decades will be a”Great Awakening.” we just need to learn the lessons this pandemic is trying to teach us. Back to basics: Focus on what really matters. Love, share, and have faith!


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