[291] Thrice I’ve Tried To Forget

A happy day is a happy accident
where beliefs don’t break
and the sun doesn’t chase
you don’t find yourself stuck in your ways
It’s the time of your life
Clouds seem to rain
They don’t seem to hold on to shade
There is an end in place
The mind is your friend it says

Once you were gone
I took a leap of faith
Twice you were here
and I didn’t remember your name
That’s my link with memory
I feel an emotion only to forget
what caused it and in many cases
I just close my eyes to wake up
3 years later still stuck in yesterday’s feeling
Panicky and stuck in circles
I dream of throwing myself up in corners
to break something of my own prison
and get outside my head
for just once
and look from outside
to see and feel it’s not that bad after all

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