[278] Us & Them

For all that i’m lacking in
You seem to carry it
Should I be attracted?
My intuition is still deciding
Nowadays I delay decisions
I delay emotions to get
inside a feeling
Lenses of right and wrong
have overtaken any given moment

In this age of misinformation
I’ve started trusting myself
a lot less than I used to
Traumas hide memories
that returns to disrupt reality
that return to change the truth
that arrive to blur dreams or was it reality?

I want to imbibe some things that you stand for
but do I need you to be with me for you to teach?
or do I need to be here with myself
and teach myself some sympathy
Is it self love that I need?
To be easy on myself
But that makes me lazy
Like the words you read in my writing
Do I need to go out of my head?
And look all around
And hear what they see
about how it’s all burning

When the smoke has died down
and the egos are satiated
and risk takers understand
lack of planning
and the planners understand
the power of risk taking
When we all meditate on
all the traumas returning as memories
That’s where we will realise
The fallacy of mankind
are mistakes that are deadly
Mistakes that become collateral damage
Mistakes that are deemed as statistics
Mistakes that are in the form of you and me
Mistakes that are just words
Words that mean nothing and everything
at the same time it seems

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