[272] About Past Love

A rusted bench on a worn out boat
It takes up all my attention
as it’s holding all of you
that i’m holding all in me
Waves gush on the boat
We land on our head
We bleed away our minds
We die inside time
Carry me over to where you reside
where the old kingdom rules
where i’ll be living under a watch
where i’ll be sitting next to you

The rusted bench lays empty, ignored
in the gardens of this raucous mansion party
I’ve returned to you by way of memory
Now i’m wondering
How can any surrounding beauty help ignore
all our vivid memories?
I sit on the bench amidst the gasp of a sound
I’m rusting away with it I hear
I rust away outside time

The crowd makes way
It makes way for all that hinders your vision
which lands on me and that rusted bunch
The only remainder of the future past
You leave a hand to hold mine
and sit next to me
“Let them watch. That’s all they did when we’ll die the next time”

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