[176] How To Be Successful?

We’re all excited in the story of the successful. The 1% that have achieved what they imagined. We deny ourselves thinking that we won’t be a part of that 1%, so we don’t listen to the other not so successful 99%.

So now we don’t know what not to do.

Who tells the story of the average person? The truth is we all think we’re special. So the average won’t admit that they failed. The successful won’t stoop low to get to know the averages. Yet, the path that awaits most of us is actually left unknown. All we know is what success feels like, all we know is what failure feels like, but what lies between it? The practical end of our journey? It stays a mystery.

We often hear about prodigies who are waiting for the world to wake up to their genius. We often hear about the next big thing. The next Sachin Tendulkar, the next Beyonce, the next Ronaldo, or the next PT Usha. We rarely get to see their emergence into bonafide rockstars. They lose out on opportunities. Even though they’ve done everything right. They’ve practiced well, they’ve listened to their mentors, they’ve disciplined them and they’ve made their craft their religion but they still don’t rise up to the occasion. Why?

Luck is a funny thing. To define luck is to imagine humans living on the sun. It drives the mankind crazy for its inability to quantify it. If humans could understand luck, they will stop trying to understand God. I think we don’t talk about luck often because we fear it will stop working in favour for us.

Guess I’ll not be so lucky after all.

Yours truly,
An Average

9 thoughts on “[176] How To Be Successful?

  1. It’s not about luck.. it’s only about seizing the chance.. all of us get our share of chances.. some of us use it well, others .. not so much.
    Those Average people are just people who bypassed their chance, and it probably wasn’t intentional too!
    What sets the difference between successful and average people is their ability to know the chance when offered to them.
    I knew a person who was of a great academic potential.. all of us thought (that person will be the next prime minister), and guess what! He didn’t.. he practically threw away every bloody chance that was offered to him..

    He was waiting for that GREAT chance and in the meantime he lost all the chances that were about to lead him to somewhere good..

    Other people are just so immersed in their self loath and pity that their mind set can’t handle any change in their routine life..

    Not all people can handle a life of success.. some minds can’t just comprehend it.. so they see themselves better of being Average ..or a step above average..

    So it’s nothing to do with luck.. It’s human nature.

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    1. Isn’t chance relative to luck?
      It’s just a way of looking at things. For example if you are born in a rich family you’re lucky for the chances you’ll be provided with. Then it’s on you if you want to seize them or not.

      My friend joined a company recently as a fresher and now she is being promoted in 1 months time which would have otherwise taken her 1 year. Why is this happening? Because her superior quit her job. Now that is luck. Although, her getting a chance at promotion is because of her seizing the opportunity. So again, they are relative.

      Loved this comment of yours, got me to rethink what I wrote. Thank you!

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      1. I don’t think so.. as a chance for you may not be a chance for me.. you might see my rich family as a bigger provider of chances, but to me it isn’t.. like I said.. we all do get our share of chances..
        As to your friend’s story, she got a better chance, not because she’s more lucky.. it wouldn’t be luck nor chance if she didn’t go after it.. so again one must know a chance when offered to him.. and it might require some luck too 😅.
        Thank you for your insights.

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      2. Let’s just agree that both are a part and parcel of life
        If luck is the first stage, then it’s upon you to make use of that luck and grab that chance to the fullest!

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