[154] Voiceless Rain

Decorate your room
for my memories to echo less
Your lingering perfume
wanes in intensity as I get undressed
Tormenting clouds call me out
to watch them perform a show
for us tonight
A show we’re both an audience of
separated by space and time

The show gets over and I remember
that my umbrella stays at yours
I walk back dampening my room
smiling a little on a memory
An image of you holding my umbrella
flutters as the raindrop slips from my forehead to
enter my eye bringing my attention
back to where I am

Another day and the routine repeats
The monsoon comes and never seems to end
The memory of you and the umbrella seems
to be the only one that remains
to fade
for my room is filled with a flood
with no room for an echo
and finally no room for you

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