[151] Keep Me Where The Light Is

I still remember your gestures in my dream
The way your self-consciousness makes you
more elegant than hideous, like you think
The way your eyes held the calm of the mountains
and somehow I knew the reason was me

That was when fear gripped me for
pain knows me way too well as it circles
like an eagle preying on the both of us now

Sometimes I think about my life before you
All the honesty I pushed further and further inside
bottling it up and shaking it vilely
I’m sorry you had to witness the outbursts of it
I’m sorry I made you go through all of it

This is what baffles me now
How could I calm you when you knew
a storm raged inside me
How could we build something so honest
when all that I ran away was from honesty

I have this imaginary conversation
about a John Mayer song where I quote him
“Gravity is working against me”
and your reply from the same song keeps me afloat
“Keep me where the light is”

2 thoughts on “[151] Keep Me Where The Light Is

  1. Nice piece, Rahul. Good work, as always. Very sentimental. Makes me cry.

    By the way, did you ever get a chance to read that essay I wrote in response to your prompt?

    Liked by 1 person

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