[147] Falling Stars

Yesterday feels like tomorrow
when you’re stuck in a routine
Sleeping feels like waking
and dreaming feels like living
Your life is muddled up in a
series of activities meant to
soothe you into a slumber
of having no sensations finally

They say love helps you
find your home or the idea of it
because you still don’t know
what home feels like
as you’ve lived among shooting stars
eroding away at a fast pace
becoming a spectacle for others
rather than yourself

You’re always incomplete

16 thoughts on “[147] Falling Stars

  1. I started reading this post after seeing that image. That image looks like a scene from the anime film ‘Your Name’ (which is one amazing film). But apart from that, when I started reading I found it to be really good! Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well in anime I would suggest ‘Wolf children’. If you like this different dimensions of time kind, then I suggest this Korean movie called Il Mare. It’s a movie about how a boy from and girl who live two years apart, fall in love with each other. An English remake called Lake House is available, but I always suggest watching the originals. 🙂


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