[140] Wasted Times

Stillness without contentment is just anxiety brooding. You can have the laziest day turn into a day of rest or it can turn into a day of sulking over your lack of productivity. Being holed up in a room and catching up with yourself can be tiring in an ironical way.

Introspection takes effort and the comforts of your room pull you away from making that effort. The effort that can turn your personality around. The sluggish, lazy being that possesses you or the sluggish, lazy being that you hold close, is the reason for the demise of your time.

Can you carry this guilt of not doing something around for long? Can you let it eat you alive bit by bit while you go into a slumber of denial and unproductivity masked as ‘chilling’

Where does your ambition lie or rather where did you leave it to occupy this seat of lethargy? It sounds weird. Talking to yourself. Writing it all down. When you can simply listen to the thoughts that led to this being written. But it’s your own doing that this is now out for the world to see. That you held time hostage, to not let it move from your mind. But it seemed to you that held time as a hostage when in reality, you held yourself back. The time just moved like it always does, not giving an iota of a thought to you.

It’s for you to decide now. Whether you want to bide away your time here or you want to use it like you’d want to.


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