[132] Out Of Your Zone

sorrows of your plight
hit on the periphery of my vision
I hope someday they’ll jolt me
out of my being
connect me to your zone
and closer to what you feel

you stand beside the pond
fearful of the cold water
strength evades you like the
impermanence of a wave
you drown in your inability
to muster up the courage to swim

A lively night with blinking lights for stars
you’re on top of the hill waiting for the sunrise
I walk up to you to not make my presence felt
to watch if you’re okay or do I need to put you at rest

The sun slowly rises
in the blackness of your eyes
You close them in hopes of capturing it
but never catching it like my lies
I walk in front of you and hide the sun from you
Now all there left is me as the replacement of the sun
I hope you kick me down the hill
so you let the light enter your eyes again

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