[131] An Ode to Smartphones

Your hands curl its existence
even though it helps you stay alive
as it exudes its electric breath
Almost an extension of your mind
like the moon an extension of the earth
It reflects you in the dark but
only by putting a stop to your reflective nature
almost announcing its hold on you in return

You nod with it and smile with it
It holds all your secrets
even you throw a fit at it
It asks you to update it
and you do while your life slows down
you almost cherish the life without it
until it’s up and running
and you just have to bow down

17 thoughts on “[131] An Ode to Smartphones

  1. That was really good! A good aspect on modern themes! Kinc of reminds me of a quote that I Beleive Albert Einstein said. He said he fears the day that technology will overtake everything that makes us, us.

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  2. Nice post. Loved reading it.

    I would be pleased if you could stop by my blog. I am not very new here. I have been working on a series on our 5 senses in a relative manner. Just published my 4th post.


  3. Oh, God, yes! Love that picture. Reminds me of my grandkids, most of them teenagers, who wander around in that fog, phone-zombies, come for visits and stare into the screen, replying “huh?” if anything, to everything we say to them. Sure, an’ it’s the apocalypse, not with a great passionate roar, but merely a willing withdrawal from everything real.

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