[42] Water Kills You

The story is inspired by the Writing Prompt – “100% of people who drink water will die” sounds like a dumb statistic, but you are 900 years old and very thirsty.



“Dude you’ve got to meet this guy. He looks so… different but speaks so wise. Have you seen “The Man from Earth” where the guy is immortal, it’s almost like he is that guy.” said John to Misty, switching on the air conditioner and standing in front of it.

“What’s his secret? LSD?” said Misty slyly almost mocking. She removed her clothes and started fanning herself with it.

“Well I don’t know, his face is almost like contours in a mountain and his voice crackles when he speaks, but if you hear it, wisdom falls like the waterfall,” said John, finally sitting down with relief. He picks up a newspaper and an article “Finally proven 100% of people who drink water will die.” He chuckles.

“Well, let’s go have a look at this contour man you talk about in the afternoon during lunch break tomorrow. Does his room has AC?”

I live in a small room, with no distraction. It’s an empty room. The only item that I carry is my mind.

They come to the room, having taken an appointment. These types of meetings are my only source of income. They look puzzled and distracted upon seeing my room, nothing new.

“Before you ask, my room is empty because there is no need for material things to surround me with as I surround myself with the genius inside me. With silence. A silence that speaks volumes of knowledge, wisdom and wit. I don’t go out because there is nothing that your world can teach me as it is rotten now. I’ve lost the ability to cry and I look weak but I can kill you in 3 seconds barely so don’t try. And no I won’t tell you the secret to my immortality.”

John and Misty were shocked. They collect themselves and Misty seemed visibly irritated. She nudges to John to say what she had in mind.

“Sir, its blaring hot outside. Can we have some water?”

I faint.

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