[41] #NaPoWriMo [15/30] { Oh My God They Did It! }

A senseless grapevine curls down our neck
in between whispers we stand, a hundred of them
faceless, they surround with twisted versions of
a misheard story
a misheard name
a conniving mind
a shadow of a dame

I stand with her, clueless, we are
They build memories that we are not aware of
We meet for the first time, they say we
have kissed
had sex
have done it everywhere
had a dog to ourselves?

but I can’t meet her eyes
let alone meet them for the first time
then it all comes back
A drunk night, the help of a stranger
when she helped me on my feet while I puked
a water that turned into wetness, for them
a gesture that turned into gestating, for them?

oh how the tongues twist, the ear’s list, the mouth shits
a rumour that we stand in the middle of, it breathes
soaks the air all around us, while we wonder how it found us.

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