[35] #NaPoWriMo (6/30) [ Smart Phone ]


I feel caged in the morning
The first impulse I feel is a notification
I grab my phone


I feel smarter today
The first thought, I will write on my notes
I grab my phone


My grey matter stopped its chitter chatter
The battery’s dead, it needs a leash
I grab my leash of a charger and become a slave


196 countries I see
7 billion faces glee
7 trillion ideas I consume
but does my brain contain that much room?


I tie my button while pushing on another
I tap the door while tapping on my phone
I scroll down her body while scrolling down another’s
I live in two worlds which
a Gemini of a device unfurls

21 thoughts on “[35] #NaPoWriMo (6/30) [ Smart Phone ]

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  2. You captured many peoples lives in these few words. The attachment we have to new technology is sometimes more enslaving than liberating . It makes you think..


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